Saturday, April 27, 2013

A short update on Lejeune's "Wayborn Siblings" series

I was very excited to start reading Tamara Lejeune's Surrender to Sin, the sequel to Simply Scandalous. The mixed reviews put a damper on my excitement, but - after hearing that the hero and heroine from the first book temporarily break off their engagement - I knew I couldn't rest easy until I read the book and found out what had happened with the secondary storyline. Twenty percent into the novel, however, and I couldn't force myself to continue reading. The comedy is there and the heroine is adorably sweet, but the hero is an unbelievably randy, conceited ass with no signs of changing. To make matters worse, when I skipped ahead to find out what goes wrong with the former hero and heroine I found out that the former heroine has suddenly become completely TSTL. She's visiting her favorite actor at all hours of the night and is clueless as to why her (now ex-) fiance is so upset. No more cute misunderstandings, instead they have wholeheartedly inane fights. Why couldn't their happy ending be left alone? Oh, and by the last few pages the two heroines hate each other to the point that they start calling each other "bitch"... something I severely doubt is authentic Regency behavior.  The negative reviews for the third book clinches my decision - I'm tossing out this whole series as a storyline gone terribly, terribly wrong.


  1. So Chris,
    What's the new plan? That sucks when an author does that. I guess you can always look on the brightside... You can pick a new book.

  2. Yea, it's pretty frustrating but it does happen. My fallback book is Emma Locke's second novel, which I'm liking much better :).

    1. I knew you would. I'm anxiously waiting for her third book. How do you like Con?

    2. You were right :). I'm really looking forward to the next book as well. Do you know if there's been an actual release date set?

      I like Con a lot. It took me a while to warm up to him, though - he seemed pretty flippant and self-absorbed at first when he wanted to "borrow" the baby, and I didn't understand why everyone was describing him with a heart of gold. I think the the turning point for me was when he earnestly began convincing the heroine to be his permanent mistress in name only, even though he was "setting himself up for a lifetime of ball-crushing pain." Once his emotions become engaged, he jumps to make things better for other people regardless of the personal cost. And that can be foolish at times, but it's also admirable.

    3. I believe Emma is still working on the third book. I know it has to be soon. Once the third book is done she will be launching the next covers for her new books. They are all hoydens. I have been keeping a lookout on her next book.
      I know I made the comment of his heart of gold, because he does.
      Next time I see Emma on twitter I will ask her. BTW, she really liked your review on first book. She shared on Facebook awhile ago. :D
      Hope you have a great day.


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