Friday, September 7, 2012

Interview with Anya Wylde: Author of The Wicked Wager

Hello everyone, today is the first time I’ve taken the opportunity of doing an author interview. I’d like to welcome Anya Wylde, self-published author of her debut historical romance The Wicked Wager.

Chris: Hey Anya, thanks for joining us on The Historical Romance Critic. To start things out, could you tell us three interesting facts about yourself… that have absolutely nothing to do with writing?
Anya: First of all, thank you, Chris, for inviting me to do an interview. Now, to answer your question—numbers terrify me, I am a terrible gardener (all my plants die), and I love cooking. 
Chris: I'll have to make myself a mental note: don't ask Anya for accounting or gardening help, but do invite her to potlucks. So, I guess the biggest question is – what made you decide to write a novel? And a comedy-filled historical romance novel, in particular? Excellent choice of genre, by the way. 
Anya: I have always adored the Regency era and cozy mysteries. I did not find many books that combined those genres, so I decided to write one. As for comedy, I wrote what I enjoy reading.  
Chris: Sounds like solid reasoning to me. I noted earlier that your novel is self-published. Very impressive. Did you plan it that way from the beginning, or is that just how things worked out? 
Anya: I think the advent of the internet and social media is allowing authors to reach readers like never before. These days, an author can find an audience without depending on traditional methods of publishing. Furthermore, I am happy with the control I have over my work. 
Chris: I know that it’s only been a few weeks since your book came out, but how has it been publishing with Amazon so far? Is it pretty much what you expected? Any disappointments or happy surprises? 
Anya: I am actually delighted with the response. I have had private messages from complete strangers telling me how much they loved my book. Even though it is early, it is very encouraging to see sales every day and receive positive feedback. 
Chris: Haha - that's awesome, and it does sound very encouraging. Well, if you could have readers take away one thing from experiencing Richard's and Emma's adventures in The Wicked Wager, what would you want it to be? 
Anya: If a reader sitting thousands of miles away laughs even once while reading the book, I am happy. I wrote it to entertain and that was my only aim. Richard's love for Emma is wonderful. If you look past the humor, you realize how much he was willing to suffer just to stay close to her.  Emma in turn adored Richard and was willing to go along with his madcap notions to please him. They are a happy couple.  
Chris: That's a wonderful way of looking at it. And, having read the novel, I'm quite sure readers will laugh much more than once. So, lastly, can we readers expect further enjoyable novels from you? Are there any sequels, or new historical romances that you have planned already? 
Anya: My next book, which will be out later this year, is a humorous regency romance. No character has annoyed me enough to get murdered yet. It is called 'Penelope' and it is a story of a country bumpkin who, along with Lady Bathsheba (her pet goat), arrives in London in the hopes of catching a husband. 
Chris: A country bumpkin and a pet goat? You have me sold already. Let's just hope the characters make it to the end unscathed.

So there you have it. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my thoughts on Anya Wylde’s The Wicked Wager (hint: I enjoyed it).

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