Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands (5 stars, medieval)

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Thoughts After Reading:
Reading into the early hours of the morning probably wasn't the best idea, especially since I really needed to be catching up on sleep. However, it shouldn't be too surprising that I decided to read a historical romance over sleeping - after all, it had been nearly a week since I had read a full novel :). It also shouldn't be too surprising that I chose one of Lynday Sands' books as a safe choice for a good read. The book - Devil of the Highlands - was awesome, as usual. The medieval romance contained all of Sands' trademark plot elements: an arranged marriage, a hero and heroine that are both good people, comical misunderstandings (and other great humor), a growing love between the protagonists, and a villain trying to kill one of our beloved characters (in this case, the heroine).

The beginning of the Devil of the Highlands reads a bit like Cinderella. The heroine's father died, leaving her in the care of a malicious stepmother. The stepmother's final move is to arrange for her to marry a laird with a dark and fearsome reputation, in the hopes that the heroine will be miserable. Of course, with this being a romance, the man actually tries to be very considerate in his actions toward the heroine. It's also unlikely the stepmother counted on the strong attraction between the two protagonists. Alas, everything in the new marriage is not peaches and cream, at least not initially.The hero has gotten use to not stating or explaining any of his actions and choices, leading to a great deal of frustration for the heroine. This romance conflict is resolved gradually throughout the story, with plenty of great humor and funny misunderstandings to keep the reader entertained (even during the couple of love scenes). Towards the end of the book, Sands impressed me again with a solid explanation and resolution to the fairly intricate mystery plot. She likes to have a few twists to keep things interesting :).

I have yet to read a historical romance by Lynsay Sands not deserving of five stars. She seemed to be in especially top form with Devil of the Highlands, though, especially in the humor and mystery categories.


  1. Yep, totally agree, another of my faves. I love Lynsay Sands and I love Beauty and the 'Beast' stories, so happy days.

    Just finished a book by Victoria Lynne, With This Kiss, it was a really good read. I won my copy and I'm so glad I did because I don't think I would have bought it based on the cover and blurb and that would have been a real shame because it's a great book.

    1. Happy days indeed :).

      "With This Kiss" looks very promising, I probably would have considered it on the description alone. Thanks for the recommendation, it's now towards the top of my to-read list :).

    2. Well, I tried the first couple of chapters of "With This Kiss" but it didn't really feel like my cup of tea. I appreciate the suggestion all the same, though :).


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