Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: The Overlord's Bride by Margaret Moore (5 stars, medieval)

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Thoughts After Reading: The basic plot in The Overlord's Bride is similar to a number of other medieval romances I have read. But that's fine with me (as long as the story is written well), since it's a storyline I greatly enjoy :). The heroine is a good-hearted, kind, and beautiful woman who I believe is in her (early?) twenties. She is initially unaware of this beauty, since she has been living in horrid conditions (beatings, barely enough food to survive, etc) at a convent. One of the humorous undertones is that heroine always promises to be a meek and dutiful wife, yet is in reality fairly outspoken and can chatter at times ;). The hero is a thirty-eight year old lord who has been married once before. He thought he loved his first wife, until she tried to strangle him. He accidentally killed her in self-defense, and has had to live with the stigma of killing the woman ever since. The heroine ends up replacing her cousin in a marriage contract with the hero, and they are married near the beginning of the story. The hero tries to keep an emotional and physical distance from his new wife, but quickly finds that impossible with her charming and reasonable nature. The hero is essentially a good man, and it's enjoyable as their love develops through dialogue and time spent together. The book isn't quite clean, but the few love scenes toward the beginning are very brief and skimmed over; later, the book excludes love scenes by fading to black. After about 75% of the novel, when the couple is firmly in love, the story starts skipping months at a time to show the couple interact as the heroine goes through pregnancy. The book takes a bit of a dark turn here, as the villain is brought to the forefront of the plot. Not to spoil anything too much, but luckily everything works out in the end and we have the HEA we were looking for :). Overall, the book wasn't particularly comedic or lighthearted, but it was a solid medieval romance about an endearing couple finding love.

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