Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: McAlistair's Fortune by Alissa Johnson (4.5 stars, historical)

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Thoughts After Reading:
Another wonderful read in Johnson's "Providence" series. I really like how the group of four young women interact with each other in every novel, it makes the series seem more connected than most.  In this book, the hero and heroine have been attracted to each other from afar for some time. They end up traveling on an adventure together, with the hero trying to protect the heroine from whoever seems to be tracking them. The hero is a retired assassin that has been living as a hermit, and has a hard time deciding he is "worthy" of the heroine. The heroine, meanwhile, is an independent woman who has had to deal with a weak leg after a carriage accident.

I felt this book had some of the best witty dialogue/bantering in the series so far, with the hero and heroine playing off each other for the whole time they are traveling. The hero was particularly amusing as a somewhat reticent man, especially since at the start of the story he has rarely spoken to people in years. There were a few things that bothered me, which is what led to the slightly lowered rating. First, - maybe I missed something - but I didn't understand why the main characters' first reaction to a threatening letter is rush the heroine off to a protected cabin. They seem like they could be an overprotective "family," but shouldn't they wonder why a villain would send a letter before coming after the heroine? It seemed like a bit of a weak set up, but I'll run with it. My other issue was that I didn't really like the way the angst played out toward the end of the novel. It wasn't significantly drawn out - and was certainly nothing new to romances - but I felt that the hero was being particularly dense if he didn't understand a little of what the heroine was feeling.

Overall, it was a solid lighthearted read that will be going in my "keep" pile.

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