Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Maiden Bride by Deborah Simmons (5 stars, medieval)

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Thoughts After Reading: Maiden Bride was yet another delightful medieval romance by Simmons. This time I was successful in choosing the second novel of the de Laci series ;). I took a bit of gamble with this one, since I felt like reading a forced-marriage-to-love story yet hate heroes who are jerks. The premise of this story is that the king orders the hero to marry the niece of his deceased enemy. The hero takes on the marriage with relish, as he wants to take out his revenge on someone. As it happens, luck was on my side: the hero's bark was much worse than his bite. While he loved making threats and discussing revenge, when it came to actions he was very possessive and never let the heroine suffer serious discomfort. Simmons does not utilize blatant humor, but it's so much fun seeing the hero give in to the inevitable as he falls for his beautiful and strong wife. He rages about the castle quite frequently :). There's also some powerful scenes when the heroine almost dies from illness, and afterwards when the hero becomes ridiculously protective of the heroine's health. Add in Simmons' requisite love scenes and a final villain/showdown, and you have another medieval romance worth reading.

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