Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Friends and Foes by Sarah M. Eden (5 stars, historical)

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Thoughts After Reading:
Friends and Foes was a charming regency romance that was clean of anything more than a few kisses. The relationship is gradually and genuinely formed, and there is no significant angst. Instead, the major conflict revolves around a fairly realistic spy plot that doesn't detract from the romance.

The hero is a 28-year old spy (and earl), who has been pretending to be dandy for the last several years in order to seem less suspicious. The heroine is 23-year lady was has a serious limp after being trampled by a horse. As a result, she has become somewhat bitter. The couple end up at a house party along with their respective families after a chance meeting.When the hero unconsciously insults the heroine thoroughly, the two individuals declare "war" upon each other. This leads to some great verbal sparring as the couple come to understand and care for each other at a deeper level. The frequent humor is witty and enjoyable, even if seems a trifle forced at the beginning. There is some suspense at the end as the reader wonders if both the hero and heroine will come out alive after tangling with a legendary french spy :). In conclusion, it was an all-around great read.

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