Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Lady in Green by Barbara Metzger

Full Description: FictionDB

Rating: 2 out of 5

Thoughts After Reading: Eh, rather disappointing. The book had comic undertones, but it wasn't nearly as funny as Metzger's other works that I have read. It was technically a clean romance, but I wasn't impressed by the hero's randy attitude. He wanted a one-night-stand the night before he was going to propose to the "mysterious Miss Green." Similarly, the heroine was a little silly and far too eager to accept the hero IMO. Now that I think about it, she also got a little randy towards the end (nothing ended up taking place, though). All-in-all, a waste of several hours.


  1. Hi Christopher

    Followed over from twitter [@YvonneDevine]. I'm always interested in a new blog. Are you only going to be reviewing traditional regencies? If not what else can I expect to find when I visit?

    Haven't read any of the books you've reviewed so far but I will check them out. I hope the blog goes really well for you. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey Beebs,

    thank you for your interest in the twitter/blog :). I plan on reviewing all of the historical romance I read, which tends to be a mixture of traditional regencies as well as more recent works. It has been a bit biased towards Metzger's traditional regencies, since I was impressed with her comedy and currently have a collection of her books ;). Nonetheless, I hope you'll check in again as the blog becomes more established with a variety of reviews.

    Please share your thoughts on any of the books you end up reading. I appreciate the well wishes, and have a happy New Year too! :)


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